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Used R33 GTST Driveshafts

One of the more difficult things about running a 20 year old car is that some parts just get harder and harder to get hold of, and more and more expensive. We’re in the business of making sure you can get your pride and joy back on the road (or track!) as quickly and cheaply as possible, whilst supplying the best quality parts that we can.

As of late driveshafts for Skylines seem to becoming less and less frequently available but here at Slide Motorsport we have some in stock! You can head over to our eBay shop and feel free to make us an offer for them! If there are any other parts you need (no matter how obscure) for anything Skyline or 200SX then make sure you give us a shout, we keep a lot of bits in on the shelf and frequently get new breakers in to keep a supply of the more commonly wanted bits coming through the door.

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